BoxLegend Dryer Vent Cleaner Kit Dryer Vent Vacuum Attachment Lint Remover Power Washer (2019 Upgraded)




Use BoxLegen Dust Brush to remove dust from almost anywhere,sofas,furniture,cars,plants,vents,keyboards, drawers,blinds,corners and even your pet.

【FOCUS ON SOLVING CUSTOMER CONCERNS】- In the United States, many vacuum cleaner attachments can not be applied to the Dyson vacuum cleaner. To solve this problem, we have added adapters to match the special Dyson series vacuum cleaners for Dyson DC35, DC44, DC45, DC48, DC52, DC58, DC59, DC62, V6 models(NOTE: not suitable for the V7, V8, V9, V10).The adapters can be disassembled, and our other internal size adapters (1.5in, 1.42in)can be used with most vacuum hoses to ensure maximum universality.
【EXCELLENT TUBE DESIGN】- This Vacuum brush consists of 30 long and flexible straws. Each straw is fixed with special glue to prevent it from falling off. Our vacuum brushes are made of soft, high quality plastic. The high-quality hose is not easy to be broken, the straw is not easy to block, and it will not fall off during use, ensuring the most comfortable use experience for the customer.
【EASY TO USE AND SAVE TIME AND EFFORT FOR YOU】- Just connect this BoxLegend dust cleaning brush to your vacuum cleaner and you can see it clean easily AS SEEN ON TV. Don’t worry about heavy cleaning work, our long and flexible hoses can enter any corners and crevices when cleaning the space between large, hard-to-move objects.
【VARIOUS PURPOSE】- You can use this dust cleaner brush to clean your keyboard, drawers, car seats, car vents, air vents, furnitures, bookshelf, jewelry, sofa, personal computer, laptop, plants, pets and corners where normal vacuum cleaner can’t. You can explore our tools to develop new features!
【A GOOD HELPER FOR CLEANING WORK】- Our cleaning accessory will make home cleaning work easier and bring better cleaning effect. Once you use it, you will love it.


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