Makita B-51661 Contractor Bit Set (66 Piece)

$105.80 $52.05



Get one comprehensive set of bits for drilling, driving and fastening in one convenient container with the Makita 66-Piece Contractor Bit Set. For drilling, the set includes spade bits, brad point bits and metal drill bits. And you’re covered for fastening applications with a range of insert bits, power bits and nutsetters. The 66 Piece Contractor Bit Set is ideal for use with your drill and impact driver.Includes spade bits, brad point bits and metal drill bits for a variety of drilling applications
Includes a variety of insert bits, power bits and nutsetters for a range of fastening applications
Smaller, more portable case inside with color coded insert bits and a bit holder for added convenience
Power bits are packaged in a convenient re-closable plastic container for maximum portability
Top tray insert features specific holders for the bits, the secondary insert below allows the user to store additional items with ease


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