Ridgid X4 R9602 18V Lithium Ion Cordless Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit with Soft-Sided Tool Case (2 Tools, 2 Compact Batteries, Charger, and Bag Included)




For the homeowners and the professionals, Ridgid has powerful tools that can get what you need done right. This kit, the R9602, has what you need for most light to heavy duty tasks around the house or the jobsite. For drilling pilot holes through soft woods, hard woods, and metals, the R86008 power drill can do it all. With the help of the included top mounted plastic handle, you can do it with expert control. An impact driver is included in this kit, too. The R86034 impact driver pushes fasteners into different materials with up to 1,400 inch pounds of torque. Keeping them powered are two included 1.5 amp hour batteries. These batteries are compact, so you can work with less overall weight burdening you throughout the day. Keeping those batteries charged is the R86092 charger. This has an LED fuel gauge that lets you know the battery’s status. Along with that feature is the flexibility to store this all over the workplace with the help of its flat bottom and mounting keyhole on the back. Keep these tools and accessories stored together in the included bag, and you’ll be able to take this kit from the garage to the jobsite and back in safety and style. Construction jobs, either around the home or on the professional site, are made easy with Ridgid power tools.

R86008 DRILL / DRIVER: This drill / driver has a collection of features that will help you get light, medium, and heavy duty tasks completed with ease. A removable top-mounted plastic handle will give you greater leverage when driving pilot holes through hard woods, and an adjustable clutch lets you drive small and large fasteners through woods and metals
R86034 IMPACT DRIVER: Driving up to 1,400 inch pounds of torque, this heavy duty impact driver can drive large fasteners through a variety of thick materials with ease. Combine that with an LED light at the base and an ambidextrous belt clip, you’ll have high power and convenience by your side throughout your job
AC840085 BATTERIES: 2 Compact, 1.5 amp hour batteries are included in this kit. They’ll give your tools fade-free power in extremely cold conditions. They work in temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-4 degrees Celsius), requiring only a little bit of warm up time before you jump into your job
R86092 CHARGER: Lithium ion or NiCad batteries can be charged up to full strength with this dual chemistry charger. It has an LED gauge on the side that lets you know whether your batteries are defective or not. It also has a key hole mount on the back, so you can hang this on pegboards or leave it flat on your workbench at your convenience
INCLUDED TOOL BAG: A soft sided tool case is included in this kit. Sturdy cross-x stitching fastens the thick handles to the top, letting you stuff this full without coming apart


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