Ryobi HPL52K 6 Amp 16,500 RPM 3 1/4″ Corded Hand Planer w/ Kickstand and Dual Dust Ports




Larger construction projects require high volumes of wood to be sheared down to the proper size for uniform builds. A planer is the best tool to get them properly shorn. Rather than exhausting yourself with a hand planer, go with Ryobi. They have the HPL52K, a powerful 6 amp depth planer that can run up to 16,500 RPM. Simply plug its 6 foot cord into your wall outlet, attach the dust bag to whichever side you prefer, pull the trigger, and you’ll have cleanly shaved wood in no time. There are plenty of features on here that help you achieve the best experience. There is the rubber overmold that keeps friction high between your hands and the tool, allowing greater control in slippery environments. There is also a kickstand on the back of the unit the prevents it from marring your wood surfaces. It is also fully adjustable, letting you move the depth from 0 to 1/8″ in 1/96” increments. With these features included in the HPL52K’s robust design, it’s no wonder that you’ll be working with Ryobi.ADJUSTABLE: Adjust your depth from 0-1/8″ in 1/96″ increments. This versatility will allow you to tackle a variety of woodworking projects with maximum precision
GRIPZONE OVERMOLD: A rubber molding over the grip allows precise handling, even in slippery conditions
SAFETY: A lock-off button prevents accidental activation, which saves you from ruining your work causing damage to equipment or yourself
DUAL EXHAUST PORTS: There are ports on either side of the unit. You can choose which side to blow chips out of depending on which side you stand on the unit when working
REAR MOUNTED KICKSTAND: This plastic piece on the back of the planer will prevent it from scuffing or otherwise marring your work surfaces


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